The set of network connectors of the European standard Neotech NC-P312 / P303 Cryo Gold with cryogenic processed contacts from ultra-pure single-crystal copper UP-OCC with 24K gold-plated coating. The connectors are supplied with removable plastic adapters for reliable fixing of cables of different diameters: up to 11.0 mm, 14.0 mm, 17.0 mm and 24.0 mm.

Features and Benefits:

• Copper contacts UP-OCC with 24K gold-plated coating
• Cryogenic contact processing
• Thermoplastic body
• Replaceable plastic adapters for cables with a diameter: up to 11.0 mm, 14.0 mm, 17.0 mm, 24.0 mm
• Maximum cable conductor diameter: up to 5.5 mm
• International certification according to VDE, UL, CE standards.

Due to these characteristics, network cables with Neotech NC-P312 / P303 Cryo Gold connectors transmit the dynamics well and correctly build the sound picture, they have an excellent resolution at high frequencies and precise localization of sources.