Reference Integrated Amplifier (2020+)

The new 2A3 Integrated amplifier: The 2A3 EVO

Ten years after the revolution in integrated amp design that was the original 2A3-i, and also ten years of R&D on that original design, we can safely call this the end game for this integrated amp. We’re proud to say that this is what we will be selling for the next 10 or 20 years.


First, we’ve had ten years to test and tweak the parts used in its construction. Because we’ve been using them for the last few decades, we know the strengths and limits of these brand name parts. Our relentless testing has led us to a set of components where each one is ideal in the system, and no other substitute part could meet or exceed our expectations. For example, we have settled with HASHIMOTO of Japan (formerly Sansui) power transformers – known as the finest in HIFi – and the other passive components are all drawn from the catalogues of well-known brand names.

The other thing that has evolved has been the overall circuit design — we’ve learned a thing or two over the past 10 years ! Each transformer, each part, each bit, are well thought through and considered before we place them in their designated location. For example,

  • We’ve optimized instrument separation and minimized electrical crosstalk by rearranging and channeling the circuit, and grouping all the high tension / high voltage parts together.

  • The power transformer is right behind the 2A3s because it provides the shortest voltage supply path to the 2A3s, which ensures we get the most possible power out of the 2.5V that the tubes supply – a longer path may result in a voltage drop, yielding reduced output power.

  • The binding posts are put right behind the output transformers, aiming for the shortest path for superior bass response.

Every little inch under the chassis are all well used and executed – every component has have a reason to be there. and because we now only have one trim, thanks to the HASHIMOTO tube transformers, we can sharpen / optimize everything to its finest state.

We are proud to say that we are very happy with our brand new, evolved integrated circuit. Another step in ongoing journey toward perfection – our 2A3 amp was already the best, and now is even better and quieter.


  • Class A Autobias 4 Watts (Conservative rated) for 2A3 EVO / 2 Watts for 45 EVO

  • Output Transformers : HASHIMOTO Japan (Sansui)

  • Choke Transformer : HASHIMOTO Japan (Sansui)

  • Power Transformer : HASHIMOTO Japan (Sansui)

  • Connectors : CMC USA Gold RCA / Binding Posts

  • Coupling Caps : Mundorf Silver in Oil Coupling Caps

  • Volume Control : Alps Japan Blue

  • Selector Switch : Lorlin UK

  • Rectifier Tube Socket : QQQ Japan

  • AC Inlet : Furutech Japan Gold IEC

  • Dimension: 13.5″ Wide x 18″ Deep *** New 2020 Chassis that we also build our 211 amp on ***

  • Tubes : 12AX7 Pair / 6SN7 Pair / 2A3 Pair / Mullard GZ32 Rectifier Tube is what we voiced this amp, any other NOS 5V4/GZ32 are recommended for use as rectifier tube, ask us for more options.

  • New chassis became top plate over chassis design – and the top plate can be painted into any of our 9 official colours free of charge. There are also 6,500 Other Colours here for extra : $500 CAD / Car Paints $800 (Longer lead time required, as often the top clear-coat is not harden). Or for best result (to some people), the top plate can be fabricated with pure copper for a extra $1,500 CAD.

  • Every amp is made to order (It is complete hand made here in house at Triode Lab, from drilling every hole to mount every part) and like any thing that is the best – BE PATIENT!