6V6 Reference Integrated Amplifier

Debut 2020

The FFX upgrades further with the following :

  • Upgraded to HASHIMOTO (Sansui) Transformers

  • Upgraded to MUNDORF’s EVO SUPREME SILVER GOLD Coupling Caps

  • Upgraded to MUNDORF’s M-Lytic® HV MLGO450 ECAP – “Engineered especially for Tube amplifier applications”

  • FFX Enhancements :

FFX = Limited Edition Model / Developed complete with full suit of exotic Hashimoto transformers from Tokyo, Japan. Every FFX is a future classic!

FFX Silent Ground Technology – Through optimal grounding network design and premium parts layout, along with best power supply materials for the best hum and noise control to yield the best S/N ratio.

FFX V-max Tunings – All FFX models are special unleashed by us with all its special advantage over its exotic grade parts and settings, which allow us to remapped the entire circuitry for its maximum “valves” output power and quality, both numbers and aural. With better hard-wares – it simply can go further.

  • Tubes suggestion – NOS Coke Bottle 6V6’s , NOS Mullard GZ34/GZ32 Rectify Tube. It is hard to source good NOS tubes these days. But the CV181 is highly recommended to replace the 6SN7 – it just unleash the Sesto Elemento to the kind of 6V6 sweet sound we expected instantly.

  • Tube used : 12AX7 x 1 , 6SN7 Pair , 6V6 x Quad, 5AR4 / GZ34 Rectify Tube x 1

    Speakers outputs : 8 ohms and 16 ohms (Standard, can be rewired to 4 / 8 )

    Operation mode : Push Pull Ultra Linear Mode

    Rated power / class : Class A 8W Autobias

    Input sensitivity : 350mv at 100K ohm (Mean lots of oomph without turning up high)

    Damping Factor : 17 @ 8 Ohms (Which is Impressive!!! Good 2A3 have around 12 only.)

    S/N Ratio : Better than 90db @ A-weight

    Features:  Finale’s Pink Lingu RCAs, Hammonds Transformers spec for 6V6s, Mundorf Silver Oil Coupling Caps, Furutech Gold AC Inlet. QQQ Japan Rectifier Tube Socket, CMC USA Gold Binding Posts, ALPS Japan Vol Pot, LORLIN UK Selector Switch …etc.