The Neotech NEVD-2001 is a pure silver digital cable designed to meet the 75 ohm spec of the SPDIF format. This is a fantastic cable between your transport and DAC. The inner conductor is made with pure silver, while the dielectrics used are foamed Polyethylene and micro porous PTFE. This cable is triple shielded and uses a copper/Mylar foil. Note: the inner braided shield is connected at both the source and load ends. The outer braid (shield) is connected only at the source end of the cable.The NEOTECH NEVD- a coaxial design cable with the feature 75 ohm impedance which provides wide bandwidth to reduce jitter & give maximum resolution.

Coaxial digital S / PDIF cable Neotech NEVD-2001 with a wave resistance of 75 Ohm and a monolithic conductor made of pure UP-OCC silver with a cross section of 0.33 mm² in Teflon insulation. The cable has a four-layer shielding made of copper-mylar foil and braided shields of silver-plated copper, which provides extremely reliable protection against electromagnetic and microwave interference. The shell material is polyvinyl chloride.

The Neotech NEVD-2001 digital coaxial S / PDIF cable with a resistance of 0.052 ohms / m, a capacity of 64.25 pF / m and an inductance of 0.508 μH / m. A black cable with an external diameter of 8.0 mm is clad in a white braid.

NEVD-2001 Pure Silver Conductor with quad shielding
Pure Silver Conductor
Physics Foam Polyethylene Insulation
Cu-Mylar Screen Foil
Microporous PTFE
SP-OFC Braided Shielding
Neotech NEI-1001 NEOTECH NEP-3001 III