NEW CAMBLE  2016-2017

Neotech NES-3003 is made of ultra-pure copper UP-OCC and silver-plated copper SP UP-OCC. Structurally, the cable consists of four wires, each of which, in turn, consists of two different groups of conductors in individual isolation. All this design is enclosed in a common screen. Thus, the cable is designed with a standard Bi-Wire connection for connecting a copper group of wires (in black and white insulation) to the LF section, and a silver-plated group of wires (in red and blue insulation) to the HF section of the speakers. Numerous experiments have made it possible to obtain excellent results when the cable is reconnected to acoustics.

On both sides the cable is trimmed with Supra CombiCon Crimp gilded bananas, which, if necessary, can be replaced with gilded blades or used in any combination without changing the final cost of the cable. For additional payment, you can order the Bi-Amp version of this acoustic cable.

The Neotech NES-3003 Bi-Wire cable has four conductors of 5.87 mm² each of UP-OCC ultra-pure copper and silver-plated SP UP-OCC in a common screen and a metallic gray PVC sheath. Conductor resistance 0.0033 Ohm / m, external diameter 19.0 mm.

hORNS Symphony 13'' TRIODE LAB EL84M - FFX