NES-3001 is the new flagship Neotech speaker cable. It provides a warm and deep analogue! sound..made possible by a unique configuration and individual Teflon insulated conductors.

The Neotech NES-3001 consists of 16 conductors, 6 red, 6 black and 4 clear – each conductor has an external diameter of 2.1mm and an inner of 1.1mm (17awg) which is solid UP-OCC copper (6 cores = 9awg, 10 cores = 7awg). These are then braided raound a central PVC core, and sleeved in a nylon braided expandable sleeving.

NES-3001 (8AWG, 8.3sqmm) provides a warm and deep sound by its unique configuration & individual
*Teflon insulation.
UP-OCC Tech. Solid Copper Conductor
*Teflon Individual Insulation
PVC Central Core Design
Bi-Wire available
NEOTECH NES-3004 II NEOTECH Sahara Power Cable