The Neotech has been producing outstanding cables since 1980, and has long been a leader in producing wire and cable using “single crystal” UP-OCC Copper, developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. UP-OCC copper is at least 99.99998% pure, and has an average crystal size of 125 meters (410 feet)! Compare this to the average crystal size of Oxygen Free Copper, which is .02 meters (3/4″). UP-OCC copper and silver are considered the ultimate in copper and silver conductior technology today.

The Neotech NEP-3200 is a 9AWG UP-OCC (ohno continuous cast) Copper AC power cable, that uses 16 solid copper wires that are each 17 AWG. Each of these solid core wires is individually insulated with FEP (fluoropolymer) insulation. Each wire is woven around a fiber-filled PVC core to maintain structural integrity, and minimize conductor movement. The Neotech NEP-3200 is among the best bulk cables on the market, and is especially ideal for high current amplifiers, as well as feeding power strips. Use the 6 red color-coded conductors for ‘hot’, 6 blue conductors for ‘neutral’, and 4 black conductors for the ‘safety ground’. Total O.D. is .614″ (15.6mm)

In its development, the engineers of the company Neotec decided to use the advantages of monolithic conductors. But since the cross-section of the outstanding cable implies outstanding values, the total cross-section of each pole was (with the purpose of preserving the ability to bend) recruited from several veins. These veins had to be located in space in order to minimize the influence on each other. So there was an innovative design of Central Cord Design – a central polyvinyl chloride base, on which special monofilament conductors in Teflon insulation wind up in a special order. Each of the poles – Line and Neutral consists of 6 monograms, the earth – from 4. Due to its design, the cable learned the outstanding resistance and inductance, while retaining flexibility. The cable shielding is traditionally made with aluminum-mylar foil. A strict black braid with a thin red stitch completes the image of this outstanding, truly High End cable.

Neotech NEP-3200 power cable uses 16 monocular conductors of 1.0 mm² section made of ultra-pure UP-OCC copper. The conductors are individually insulated from Teflon and intertwined around the central polyvinyl chloride base to maintain structural integrity and minimize the mutual influence of the conductors with each other. Elastic and durable PVC hose with a blue-colored fabric cover provides protection against mechanical damage and external influences. Neotech NEP-3200 is one of the best power cables in its price segment and is designed to power any high-end audio equipment, from sources and preamplifiers to power amplifiers and monoblocks. Factory-made branded connectors Neotech NC-P312 and Neotech NC-P303 with contacts made of ultra-pure copper UP-OCC, coated with 24K gold-plated. I purchased the Neotech NEP-3200 cable to upgrade on the NEP-3001. The 3001 has served my Oppo 95 player nicely (see review). However, I recently upgraded my interconnects from Cardas GR to Purist Audio Corvus solid core cables. The difference was stunning. So much so I reached the point where I was finally happy with the overall sound of my Magnepan 1.7 based system. But this did bring curiousity on the power cable side. I’ve never tried a solid core OCC cable. Perhaps it could add some of the naturalness and 3D quality of that the solid core Purist did…Purchasing a few feet of NEP-3200 cable was a pleasure. TFA answered my questions quickly and even on non-business days. Shipping was lightening fast and packaging is always top notch. I also asked for the cable to be Cryo treated and TFA sure delivered! I’m very pleased with such exceptional service.The 3001 was a significant jump up from Cardas GR and ESP The Essence Reference cables. It sounds great with Furutech FI-11 gold connectors and even better with Oyaide 079’s. However, after listening to the 3200 I can’t go back to the 3001. This cable made as much difference as the $1600 Purist Audio Corvus interconnects did. In fact, it sounds extremely similar. Very organic, micro details galore, 3D imaging, well defined bass without loss of weight, and most of all a better emotional connection with the music.I have tried the Furutech Alpha 3, Acrolink 4030, and NEP-3200. The NEP-3200 is my favorite. You will be stunned @ what this cable can do in comparison to many >$1K cables on the market. If you can’t build your own (only a box cutter, wire stripper and screw driver is needed) then I’d recommend having TFA build it for you and save some $$$ insted of buying overpriced power cords. Happy listening!


Neotech NEP-3200 Power AC Cable (Schuko EU)


• Construction: 16 monoblocs wound around a central base made of PVC
• Cross-section of each mono: 1,0 mm² / 17AWG
• Conductor material: ultra-pure monocrystalline copper UP-OCC
• Insulation: Teflon
• Outer sheath: polyvinyl chloride and nylon braid
• Cable diameter: 15.6 mm
• Length: 1.5 meters

NEP-3200 9AWG UP-OCC Copper Conductor
UP-OCC Solid Copper Conductor
Teflon Individual Insulation
PVC Central Cord Design®
UP-OCC IEC Plug & Connector termination