Neotech has long been the leader in cable production using UP-OCC «monocrystal» copper developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan.

Neotech`s STDCT type wire is 99.999% high purity UP-OCC copper multi strands wire, sheathed in red, heat resistant teflon. Can be used for speaker wire, mains cable and general hook up wire, the best solid core copper wire currently available.
The UP-OCC is considered to be the «ultimate» of drivers used to date.

UP-OCC is 99.99999% pure.
The UP-OCC is considered the “ultimate” driver used to date.

Unlike SOCT, the STDCT is a 37-strand multi-strand cable of 0.34mm.

AWG 12, 37 strands of 0.34mm wire, Internal diameter 2.3mm, outer: 3.45mm,  600V, 31A rated.

NEOTECH Sahara Interconnect Cable ITR-ITX RCA/XLR EgglestonWorks Andra III