The NEOTECH UP-OCC factory-made multi-core single crystal copper gold-plated wire, suitable for high-end Tonearm!! cables and internal wiring! The conductor is made of Bandung Neotech UP-OCC single crystal copper, and the surface is plated with gold, which has high purity and unidirectional high conductivity.

It can be used for wiring inside the machine, or twisted or braided to make a fever headphone cable.

It is composed of multi-core single crystal copper gold-plated wire, each wire diameter is 24AWG (0,205mm²), with excellent conductivity.

The conductor is covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation, and the appearance is transparent, and the insulation effect is the best in the world.

Neotech GP-OCG-26: Gold Plated Copper Wire Neotech NEET-3008 Ethernet Cable UP-OCC Copper