Neotech NEMOI-1220 Interconnect cable has two signal monolithic conductors of rectangular cross section, made of ultra-pure UP-OCC monocrystalline silver in Teflon and polyethylene insulation. To eliminate mechanical noise and reduce the microphone effect in the cable is used cotton filler, copper-mylar film and copper braid are designed for shielding from electromagnetic and microwave interference. The cable has a very low capacitance and inductance, it provides a pure realistic sound with high resolution and detail.

The outer shell consists of a lower polyethylene layer of blue color with a diameter of 8.5 mm with marked on it and a top layer of transparent polyvinyl chloride with a diameter of 10 mm. This design ensures the durability of the inscription, preventing its mashing or burn-out, and the versatility of cutting the cable, which can be separated both by RCA connectors of 10 mm and 8.5 mm, after removing the top layer of insulation.


• Two solid conductors of rectangular cross-section
• Conductor cross-section: 2×0.33 mm²
• Conductor material: ultra-pure monocrystalline silver (UP-OCC Silver)
• Shielding: copper-mylar film and copper braid
• Insulation material: Teflon PTFE, PE polyethylene, conductive PVC and cotton filler
• Outer sheath: polyethylene PE and PVC PVC
• Resistance: 0.054 ohm / m
• Capacity: 38.19 pF / m
• Inductance: 0.86 μH / m
• Outer diameter: 10.0 mm
• Color: blue