In the Neotech NEI-3001 III balanced inter-unit cable, the manufacturer combined the advantages of both monolithic and stranded conductor designs: each of the connectors consists of two separate 0.75 mm2 single-core monoliths and two conductors of a multicore wire with a cross-section of 0.76 mm2. As the conductor material, ultra-clear copper UP-OCC and silver-plated copper SP UP-OCC are used, which allowed achieving high technical parameters and providing excellent sound characteristics. The conductors are individually insulated from polyethylene and located around a polyethylene pipe with air insulation. As an external screen, aluminum-mylar film and a screen of OCC copper are used. This design minimizes the capacitance between the conductors and ultimately ensures the maximum accuracy and performance of the cable when building a sound stage.

Balanced Neotech NEI-3001 MKIII UP-OCC cable with solid and stranded conductors of 0.76 mm² each, outer diameter 10.5

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