Neotech NEI-1002 interconnector cable is made of ultra-pure UP-OCC silver, produced by the Oino continuous casting method. The conductors are monolithic and are spaced a considerable distance apart in order to avoid mutual interference. As the first layer of insulation, polyethylene is used, the second protective layer is microporous Teflon, which provides a low dielectric constant, so that the signal speed is increased by 72% compared to using conventional dielectrics. To avoid electromagnetic and microwave interference in the cable, 100% combined shielding of the conductors is used.


• Conductor material: ultra-pure silver UP-OCC
• Shielding: aluminum-mylar film and anoxic copper braid of high purity OFC
• Insulation: PE polyethylene and microporous PTFE
• Resistance: 47 Ohm / km
• Capacity: 22.61 pF / m
• Outer diameter: 11.5 mm
• Color: maroon

NEOTECH NES-1002 Neotech NEI-1001