The sound density is high, the cohesion is good, it has a sense of vitality, energy, and clear layers. The low frequency has density, the middle and high frequency extension and gloss are good, the whole frequency range is balanced, the music lines are beautifully portrayed, and the transparent and balanced with noble silver lines temperament.

1. The conductor uses Bandung Neotech UP-OCC single crystal silver, which has high purity and unidirectional high conductivity.

2. There are three conductors, which are OCC single crystal copper-silver multi-core twisted, each insulated with Teflon, forming a true balanced structure.

3. Air PE Tube, a hollow plastic tube, is added to the structure, using air as the most uniform shock-absorbing material.

4. The outer layer is covered with Microporous Teflon PTFE, copper foil Mylar and silver-plated OFC woven net for shielding to isolate environmental electromagnetic RF and EM noise interference. The outer layer is then wrapped with PVC and flame-resistant nylon wire for complex and rigorous production.

5. Use Neotech’s own RCA terminal, and high-purity thick layer rhodium plating, fine texture

NEOTECH NEI-1002 NEOTECH NEVD-2001 digital