HORNS FP 10 speaker box column is a great success of HORNS brand in FP series.

Preventing moderate sizes, it can suitably voice also bigger spaces, thanks to medium- toned woofer with the diameter of 25cm, and definitely it does not dominate optically.

You can experience deep basses, distinguished medium tones and silky high tones in stylish and distinct design.

Thanks to its effectiveness 96dB/W/M model FP 10 will play on low power in great style. Try it together with 300 B or EL 34… Your choice is almost unlimited.

Way 2
Woofer/midwoofer 1×10”
High range 1×1” 1×1”
Crossover 12dB
Box 30 l
Sensitivity 96 dB
Frequency range 50-20000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohm
Terminal Single wire
Box dimensions 365x560x305 [mm]
Stand dimensions 365x555x280 [mm]
Weight of speaker 30 kg
Weight of stand 25 kg
NEOTECH Sahara Speakers cable hORNS 5degrees No17