A closed architecture design compact integrated amp that features the 6V6 Output Tube, running Class A auto-bias with over 4.5W per channel is MUCH more powerful and useful than you think…

It will replace the F-108, with even bigger sound-stage & meat, lower and greater bass and bottom, even more tubey and dreamy. Moreover, this is a NO NFB design, and in audiophile preferred SINGLE ENDED mode! All the good measurements and performance were possible only, thanks to our high quality real audio grade output transformers, designed by Triode Lab Ltd, and engineered by Hammonds Canada.

This is a true HIGH-END, SINGLE-ENDED design! The amplifier is rectified by tube (many purist prefer its sound), and the power supply is regulated, which is normally only found in highest end expensive Class A amps. This ensures each tube/time sees a very exact 6.3V for optimal output and operation at all times, with less fluctuations, it also enhances the lifespan of each tube. The result – this amp is absolutely silent through our horn speakers in the showroom… as it should, thanks to our top notch design, which is easily the best in the industry for the last few decades.

Most of all, the entire amplifier is Canadian, from Design, Transformers, to Build. It was never intended to be an entry-level amp, but the best one in its class, with real HiFi ingredients and philosophy. It is perfect for high-eff speakers, especially those with forward sounding highs, or speakers that lack bass/impact/weight, not to mention, large diameter full range speakers, including dual concentric designs!

At this point, we are still thinking of a name for it…maybe you can help?


It sounds just like what 6V6 should, and all our feelings of nostalgia are back, the good old tube sound!

Tube used : 12AX7 / ECC83 x 1 , 6V6 Pair , 5AR4 / GZ34 Rectify Tube x 1

Speakers outputs : 8 ohms and 16 ohms

Operation mode : Class A Pentode, Autobias

Rated power : 4W (Before distortion), 4.5w + Max

Input Impedance : 1V @ 250K

Features: 3 Inputs via Finale’s Pink Lingu RCAs, Alps Japan Blue Vol Pot, Lorlin UK Selector, Mundorf Coupling Caps, Furutech Gold AC Inlet…etc

Signature Package Available $1,000 Extra : Hashimoto Classic 20W Output Transformers Upgrades, Mundorf Silver in Oil or Evo SGO Coupling Caps Upgrades, CMC USA Binding Posts Upgrade, Finale’s Dark Mocha Brown Metallic Base-Chassis (Like our M-6 Preamp, the acrylic face-plate is optional)

FINALE AUDIO F-40 II Mono Blocks FINALE AUDIO ALGONQUIN EL84 / 6BQ5 Tube Integrated Amplifier 12W + 12W Class A