Our reference grade tube pre-amplifier (No Feed-Back Edition). 10 X / 26 DB Gain with external tube power supply.





This is our flagship tube reference preamplifier, for matching with our Grand Finale series power amps, as well other high quality power amps, solid state or tubes and hybrids. It is a no feed back design with a quad of  6DJ8 / 6922 tubes, yield a 10X / 26 DB Gain. It also proudly measured to have a S/N Ratio of 96 db A Weighted, which reads very quiet. And for a feedback less design, we are very happy to see the result of 0.1% Distortion @ 1V Output. For use, there are 3 inputs and 2 outputs. Nothing more to degrade the purest signal transfer.

There are two units to make up a Conductor Preamplifier. The “Control Unit” and a “Power Supply Unit”.

 Signature model with DACT Knobs

Signature model with DACT Knobs



On the control unit. There are 4 x 6922/6DJ8’s (Same brand and prefer 80% matched tubes are recommended due to feed-backless design, what goes in and what goes out definitely applies here) +  1 x 12AX7 and a extra choke transformer for the preamp’s regulator stage. This is the brain of the preamplifier, and we use only brand name parts thru out it. A muting / protecting circuitry in the front allows the unit warm up 2 minutes at every start before it sends it’s power to your power amplifier. (It starts with Red light and then turns Green when it is ready for use). A extra flipper switch is also in place to let the preamp in “stand-by mode” (Let say when you want to change the power amp, in a safe manner, especially hi end solid state power amps, which can be very sensitive).



Special attention is paid on the separated tube powered supply unit :


High End Tube Power Supply


  • Which is being tube rectified by a 5AR4/GZ34 (5W4 and 5Z4 can also be used)
  • Choke input filtering (Hammond Canada choke transformer)
  • Our amp is exclusively powered by high quality James and Hammonds transformers. This is the reason why our amp provides a dark and quiet background (as well operations). We do not compromise our quality with low quality component.
  • An extra individual regulator stage is added to this external power supply unit for the most pure, stable and extra quiet supply to feed the preamp stage (regardless that day of weather, or the fluctuation / quality on your home’s electricity supply), that is handled by two 6V6 power beam pentode tubes (does not have to be matched, we like the 6V6 for its musicality as well long life.) A extra EF86 tube is used for aiding the regulation and stabilization.

The units are which then connected together, with a Beldin professional grade power cable with 4 pin Neutrik XLRs connectors / inlets.


Looks simple? A high end preamplifier is easily 4 times harder to design/engineer than a comparable power amp, and many times more precise / critical. And this is our best shot to answer other flagship tube preamps out there, better than any other preamplifier’ we designed/oem for other tube makers around the globe that we been doing for decades! Every part on this preamplifier is hand picked, measured and tested to ensure they are matched and balanced for each channel, it is very important procedure because this is a feedback less design, which heavily design on every step, part, and tubes. It is a lengthy task, same as the post production bench test progress, we ensure you are getting this best product per dollar investment.

Standard and Signature Version

Parts highlights: Mundorf Germany’s Supreme Audio Capacitors, James and Hammonds Transformers, Alps Japan Volume Potentiometer, Lorlin UK Selector Switch, CMC USA Gold Plated RCAs ( 3 Inputs / 2nd optional Outputs), Furutech Gold IEC Power Input, Neutrik XLR Sockets and Connectors,  Belden Cable, Sound Coat…etc.  Signature Version Upgrades included Mundorf Germany Supreme Silver or Silver Gold Oil Coupling Caps, Proprietary James Power Transformer (12V Tap beefed up to 14V for extended reserve for the high power 6922s), Alps Blue Velvet or TKD Vol Pot, DACT Selector Switch, DACT Solid Aluminum Knobs, Silver plated input signal wires,  Furutect RHODIUM IEC Inlet, Sound Coats applied to the chassis,  Solid aluminum footers, Dual Mundorf MtubeCap used in the power supply, and upgraded premium power delivery cable between the units. ”



 Optional Duelund Oil Caps



IMG_9772 (2).jpg

IMG_9921.jpgIMG_9802.jpg Optional Duelund Oil Caps IMG_0009.JPGIMG_0060.JPGIMG_9772 (2).jpg


The TubeCap® is made of a special polypropylene film. This unique dielectric film is made very thin and with a special coating that enhances the self-healing properties. This leads to very high electrical strength in the capacitor with compact dimensions.
The TubeCap® combines a high degree of dielectric strength and low residual inductivity with a very compact form of construction. It has been developed as a high-quality technical alternative to high voltage electrolytic capacitors and is thus ideally suited to use in tube amplifiers.