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Vacuum Tube Power Monophonic Amplifiers (TK211MPSE-M Ref) Features Matched tubes: 211 x 2 – 6SN7 X 1 Signal input: 1.8 V for max power Outputs: 38 W / Channel Bias: Manual bias with precision potentiometer and high quality milliammeter Connectors: Input connectors high quality Outputs impedance: 8 ohm (other impedance available upon request) Frequency range: 15 – 35.000 Hz

The new EL84 flagship amplifiers, to celebrate our 10th year debut the original EL84TT! Debut 2019 Available to configure in deep Class A Push Pull Triode 12W, or Class A Push Pull Ultra Linear 26W *Power figures are BEFORE distortion happens, and the nominal/max power numbers are higher. Conservative rated. Standard Part List : HASHIMOTO

Parallel 2A3 per Channel – 8W minimum (It drives close to a 211, which really makes 9-10W in SE) Hashimoto x Triode Lab 30W Flagship Output Transformers (Design by Triode Lab / Engineered by Hashimoto) Full suit of Hashimoto transformers (Starting 2017) Dual Hashimoto Choke transformers – One supply the operation and one supply the

FFX – the top-of-the-line 2A3S, some considered it as the best compact stereo 2A3 SET amp available on the market, also our bestseller. It will continue to be sold and built, carried over from the MK2 design – it is perfect (tone, performance, and measurements) and we do not wish to make any possible change

The 829B Special : Based on a twin-beam – 829B, double-tetrode design, it will crank 18 single-ended watts per channel from two matched power tubes in a single power envelope. In short – there is two tubes packed in one bottle. Made for the big power SE fans, and this is our pick in transmitter tube – we

Finalé F-40 II Mono Blocks Single Ended Version (Parallel SE) Class A AutoBias 20W + 20W (Conservatively rated) Hammonds Canada HIFI Transformers SET (Oversized / Construct with high quality M6) / CSA/UL Listed. Mundorf ZN Caps, CMC Gold RCA and Furutech Gold IEC…etc. Tubes : 12AX7 – KT88-KT88 (or 6550/KT120), 5U4 / Block 0-4-8 or 0-8-16 Speakers Output Finish : See “NEWS” Page on official Triode Lab / Finale