Neotech NC-01675 RH!! banana have a technically competent and thoughtful design and provide a fast and reliable connection of speakers to sound amplifiers. Collet cable clamp provides a reliable, uniform from all sides fixing the cable with protection against spontaneous unwinding. The algorithm for installing the banana body on the cable itself is implemented in this way – in the beginning, the banana has an opening diameter of up to 9.0 mm, which allows the wire to be inserted into the insulation and fixed firmly with the first screw, after which the hole diameter narrows to 6.5 mm due to thickening of the connector wall , which makes it possible to fix the bare end of the cable as firmly as possible, without fear of tearing the thread of the fixing screw.

Contacts are covered with rhodium. The maximum cable diameter is up to 9.0 mm. The cross-section of the cable conductor is 6.5 mm². Connector length: 57 mm.


Neotech DG-201 RCA Neotech NER-OCC GD RCA