HORNS Athmosphere is the compact loudspeaker, accomplishing the highest requirements of music lovers.

The aim was to create a loudspeaker fitted to small spaces, though without any departures from the range of sound and design.

Athmosphere is a structure having several unusual features.

A good example is the combination of passive membrane with bas reflex port. It is possible thanks to closing the passive driver above the switch, which is in the back. It lets to adapt basses to the size of the room.

The optical integration with your daily room also was taken into account.

Athmosphere column can be designed individually, depending on your needs. So, for example, the side walls, the trunk and the tube speaker can be made in colour chosen by you.

HORNS Athmosphere means soft,high tones keeping direct character of the tube, wonderful diameter and strong range of bass with the possibility of control.

It is a device of high quality.




Way 2
Woofer/midwoofer 1×7”
High range 1×1” 1×1”
Crossover 12dB
Box 19 l
Sensitivity 84 dB
Frequency range 45-23000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohm
Terminal Single wire
Box dimensions (with horns) 238x462x365 [mm]
Stand dimensions 270x575x385 [mm]
Weight of speaker 20kg
Weight of stand 10kg
EgglestonWorks Andra III hORNS Aria III MK2