Single Ended Triode Stereo Amplifier

  • Your choice of 12AX7 or 6H30 as drivers
  • Power output :  45 – 2W before distortion
  • The 12AX7 version is handmade in our usual top notch 3D classic hard-wiring ; 6H30 version required a more complicated design and required to perform best on a circuit board that is entirely grounded/shielded for the best result. We’ve mastered this tube over a long period of time and even though this tube required more attention and work, we just like the sound of it. Either driver-stage uses finest resistors and e-caps, and via industry best QQQ-Japan’s tube socket
  • Your choice of: Hammonds or  Hashimoto Transformers Set
  • Dual Choke Transformers (One supply the operation and one supply the tubes) following its dedicated high quality dualMundorf MLytic Ecaps
  • Chassis size : 18″ W x 12″ D x 2″ H
  • Pure Copper Chassis (1,000€ Extra) , finished in a semi-gloss lacquer for a rich and elegant presentation. The high quality copper material is much heavier than its aluminum counterpart, as well, a good conductive material for electric (there are reasons why your experienced audiophiler say its a sweet thing!), and expensive to source and fabricate (very hard material). It requires a week of dip, clean and polish right here in Toronto, before it can be sent off to our clear-coat facility with lint-free glovehandling at all time. The time, labour, and going to four different shops easily increase the value of these copper chassis north of $2K. They weigh close to 30 lbs without any transformers.
  • Rectified and voiced by Mullard GZ32/ EML 274B (5U4/5V4 can be substitute, 5AR4/GZ34 not recommended on NOS/Old 2A3 and 45)
  • Premium Parts – Finale’s Pink-Gold RCA / Cardas Binding Posts, Mundorf Silver in Oil Caps, Furutech Rhodium AC IEC, QQQ Japan’s tube sockets…etc.