45 Mini Single Ended Triode Stereo Amplifier

So here is the small or mini version to our reference 2A3i. The Mini is constructed with the very powerful and quiet 12AX7, to yield a single stage pre-amp. We’d considered using both 5687 or 6H30 tubes, but both will require a 2-stage design (plus the availability of tubes is not as good as that of the 12AX7s), which wouldn’t sound as direct nor realistic. Those who listen to the these 45/2A3 Triode tubes with little output power isn’t worried about gain nor drive anyway, so to tube connoisseurs, the quality and refinement are far important.

Showing our prototype below, the power and choke transformers is handled by the Canadians (due to space, as well as, the availability of international voltage). Output transformers can be expressed by the very best Hashimoto. For parts, lots of Mundorf ECAPs and Coupling caps will be used. Tube sockets for the 12AX7 and the GZ32/5V4 are made by 3Q Japan. Alps Blue will be used, but those who wanted, like what’s shown in the photos, it can be upgraded to DACT, and the pictured matching DACT polished stainless steel knob. For those who want to unleash its full potential with our matching pre-amps, we can turn this into a pure power amp, with a Triode Lab name plate over the volume control holes.

The sample built is a 45 Mini with an exceptional 2W before distortion, thanks to the high-end Tamura output transformers. This is why most 45 amps come in 1.5W only. And no, you cannot run the two tubes the same time, we make the finest 2A3 amp or we make the best 45 amp only. We do not make a half-quality circuit to run two tubes loosely together for convenience. The two tubes, which is totally different and required different optimization to maximize each tube’s potential. (For example – out of many things, we run the 45 with 5K output transformer and 2A3 in 2.5-3.5K, it is totally different transformers! never-mind there are many other adjustments thru out the rest of the circuitry to make it finest AND reliable/durable to be a selling product they are made to last).

Ask about the 2A3 Mini RS Parallel Mono Blocks with double the power

Make to order only – 2A3/45 Mini Integrated is hand wired thru out, a circuit board is used to mount the triode tube socket, coupling cap and loading resistor only.

No shipping / No tubes / No tube cage / Made to order  / Plus any upgrades extra

Finish : Any Finale / Triode Lab Official Colours

Standard Parts:

  • Finale Pink-Lingu RCA Input (Finished in Rose Gold plating)
  • Triode Lab Stainless Steel Solid Knob – Handpolished / Hand made in Canada
  • Mundorf Germany Silver in Oil Coupling Caps
  • Alps Blue Japan Blue Velvet Volume Pot
  • Furutech Gold IEC AC Inlet
  • Premium plastic 5 way speaker binding posts (Up-gradable , but most brand name manufactures from Mac to Sim, they have proved this set of binding post will easily last over 30 years of durable use and are well insulated)

FINALE AUDIO F-7189-II (MK2) Integrated Tube Amplifier (20W+20W) TRIODE LAB 45RS