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When the original Nico was developed, the world witnessed a revolution in performance, quality, and value. The Nico followed our company’s philosophical roadmap by providing music lovers with everything they have come to love about EgglestonWorks products. As the entry point of the EgglestonWorks Artisan EVO series, the Nico EVO is the result of a comprehensive

When the original Emma was developed, the world witnessed a revolution in performance, quality and value. The completely redesigned Emma EVO accomplishes the seemingly impossible task of improving on all of these areas. As the entry point, floor-stander in the EgglestonWorks EVO series, the Emma is the result of a comprehensive research and development program

Establishing itself as the true top of the Artisan Series, the Oso strikes a unique chord among EgglestonWorks’ already award-winning line of loudspeakers.  The Oso also stays true to the ultimate goal of the other speakers in the  Artisan Series – the Nico Evo and Emma Evo – which is to provide excellent sonic performance

Technical design philosophy:EgglestonWorks’ product development team is committed to two uncompromising ideals: the pursuit of musical truth and freedom from listening fatigue. Our twenty-year history of building the world’s finest studio monitors has demonstrated the importance of combining high resolution with a mellifluous sonic character that enables mastering engineers to work—and listen—for hours at a

The Camilla Signature Special Edition speaker is a reference-level, two-way loudspeaker featuring a 9” woofer and a 1” tweeter. Regarded for decades as the ultimate configuration for a two-way design for being able to achieve almost flat off-axis response, the Camilla exhibits this characteristic quality. The 9” woofer in the Camilla produces very impressive low-frequency response

Few names in Audio are as iconic as the EgglestonWorks Andra.. The original Andra met with immediate critical acclaim winning Stereophile’s prestigious Speaker of the Year. The Andra III SE established a new path for the EgglestonWorks line in terms of materials, driver units, crossover networks, and cosmetics. The rest of the line follows the Andra III’s

In 1997, a group of music-loving craftsmen from Memphis, TN rocked the audio world with the debut of the ANDRA. EgglestonWorks was not well-known at the time but Andra changed that very quickly. Less than a year after its introduction, Andra had appeared on the cover of Stereophile Magazine – not once, but twice in 3 months – earning

What is a Signature Series? Traditionally, a Signature model features the personal stamp of approval of its designer. In the case of the award-winning EgglestonWorks loudspeakers, we prefer to think of a broader meaning. And so, “Signature” is about attaching a single person’s name to a product, and more about sonics and the signature EgglestonWorks has put upon the

The EggelstonWorks Ivy Signature SE is a Reference speaker whose development was truly based on being just that: a reference. Developed with legendary mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, the Ivy continues to be the reference in main room at Gateway Mastering Studio. As it turns out, mastering engineers want the same things out of their system as any