Unidirectional UP-OCC

The unidirectional UP-OCC has no electric resistance and practically no crystal boundaries. Accordingly, it is able to transmit electrical signals faster, and with less distortion than ordinary OFC and silver wires. All of these features make the pure OCC copper and silver the state-of-the art conductor materials for the audiophile cable industry.

NEOTECH Cable has a board selection of different UP-OCC speaker, interconnect, S-Video and power cord cables in the medium to high performance class.

Believe in Your Ears!

This technology is very different compare to the traditional of the cooled mold to produce the pure used the heated mold in one of process instead of cooled mold to produce the pure single crystallized copper.

In 1991, UP-OCC had been granted by Professor Dr. Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan to introduce the innovation ofn Ohno Continuous Casting Process in to the Hi-fi industry.

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