Finalé F-3008

Finalé F-3008 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

  • 300B Reference Grade Stereo Amplifier
  • Single Ended Triode (Direct Heated)
  • 8 Watts + Pure Class A
  • Full suit of Finale Canada Transformers (4 Pcs) Starting 2016
  • Mundorf Germany MCAP Supreme Coupling Caps (Default)
  • CMC usa RCA Inputs
  • Alps Japan Volume Pot
  • Furutech Gold IEC
  • JJ Tesla Oversized Power Supply E-CAP
  • Finale’s premium metal selector switch
  • 12AX7 Pair / 6SN7 Pair / 300B Pair
  • Tube Rectified by 5U4/274B
  • Binding Posts 0-8 Ohm (4/16 Ohm optional)
  • Standard Finish : Triode Lab Orange / Triode Lab Satin Black / Triode Lab Classic Dark Gray Gloss, or optional custom paint $500.
  • Ultra heavy duty gauge chassis made by aluminum (1-2 gauge thicker than norm)
  • 12″ W X 23″ D* X 7-10″H* Close to 50 lbs for shipping due to the larger and heavy transformers.
  • Custom Paint / Transformer / Parts Available
  • Let us know what you want us to build around, and we will work out hard on the pricing for you.
  • How do you start to write up a technical description of a high-end tube amp whose design is unlike most others? We just want to keep it short, so we’re just going to start by saying – this amplifier is the product of our 30 years + ongoing research and tuning around the 300B tube. From the custom-tailored James power transformer and high-quality potted choke transformer, this is easily one of the quietest 300B amplifiers on the market. Special attention is paid to the pre-amplifier stages, and our design shows off the 12AX7 tubes – a pair of high quality ones will take it to an even higher level! The output transformers on any tube amps is crucial, much like the transmission on a race car – the better it is, the more output to the wheels – and the James transformers we use are NOT just good, but exceptional in getting the most out of this 300B tube. Nice extended highs and a quiet soundscape are guaranteed, while delivering a solid 8 watts Class A power, before measurements show any signal distortion.

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