F-138 Stereo

Finalé F-138 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier


Quick Fact:

  • Class A
  • 5W + 5W Autobias (Max 5.7W)
  • Single Ended Pentode / Powered by EL84/6BQ5/7189
  • Driven by 12AX7/ECC83 Our all time favourite preamp / driver tube
  • Tube rectified by GZ34 (5AR4) Complete hand constructed power supply stage
  • 0-4-8 Ohms Speakers Out

Parts Highlights:

  • Tomiko Kyushu (Japan) Output Transformers
  • Mundorf Germany Audiophiler ZN & Nichicon Japan Film Coupling Caps
  • Hammond Canada Universal Power Transformer (CSA/SA Compliance, Universal primary with taps for 100, 120, 220 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • Hammond High Quality Over-sized Choke
  • High quality RCA Inputs
  • High quality plastic binding post 0-4-8 Ohm Speaker Out
  • High quality gold pins ceramic socket
  • High quality copper wires for signal path
  • Finished in high quality Matte Black
  • Lots of upgrades!

Design Philosophy:

  • Our favourite EL84/6BQ5 single ended design in a more proper and serious power amp form.
  • Attention is paid to the better planned/spacious layout (read better S/N ratio and more upgrade/uses possibilities) and ;
  • The totally redesigned power supply stage – changes include a new universal voltage power transformer, bigger/better grade power supply e caps, a bigger / higher grade choke transformer, and to ability to use the larger and more tuneful rectifier tubes…etc and more.
  • The power amp is voiced and developed with the custom hand made Tomiko Kyushu’s Output Transformers, and the allMundorf’s ZN film caps. (We had lengthy sound tuning into this specific amp)
  • Perhaps your best bet in finding the best EL84/6BQ5 power amp on the market! We love the measurement outcomes, especially on its self noises and S/N ratio, it is as quiet as solid state gears
  • If you are looking for that tube bloom, holographic, and the famous seductive sound of single ended EL84//6BQ5 tubes, this is it! It just sound uniquely good, even us, we kept coming back to this amp although we have plenty of more expensive and more complicated triode tube designs in the house. It’s sound signature just can’t be heard else where.
  • Same specifications and parts as F-138 with upgrades of:
  • FFX Limited Edition Power Amp / Developed complete with full suit of exotic Hashimoto transformers or equivalent hi end irons
  • FFX Silent Ground Technology – Thru optimal grounding network design and parts layout, along with best power supply materials for the best hum and noise control to yield the best S/N ratio.
  • FFX V-max Tunings – All FFX models are special unleashed by us with all its special advantage over its exotic grade parts and settings, which allow us to remapped the entire circuitry for its maximum “valves” output power and quality, both numbers and aural.
  • Choice of using 5AR4/GZ34 or EZ81/6CA4 for tube rectifications
  • Choice of Mundorf Silver in Oil or Mundorf EVO Supreme Silver Gold Oil (Recommended for speakers with forward highs)
  • Mundorf oversized high end power supply capacitor (As Shown)
  • CMC USA RCA and Binding Post 0-8 Only (Up-gradable to 0-4-8/16 or Cardas brand connectors)
  • Furutech Gold IEC Inlet
  • Alps Japan Vol Pot (Option, if want to use direct)
  • Soundcoat Damping Sheet (bottom plate)
  • Optional : Headphone Out @ 16 ohm with remaining 4 and 8 ohms to speaker binding posts / Volume Control (Alps or TKD Grade) Perfect for lower eff planar headphones such as Audeze, plenty of drive and quiet!
  • The Hashimoto transformers (Former Sansui transformers maker in Japan) are finest HIFI irons that are made to last forever.
  • Finish : Triode Lab Orange / Triode Lab Satin Black / Triode Lab Classic Dark Gray or White Gloss.
  • Limited edition / Built to order

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