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Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier (TK211PSES-I REF)   Features Matched tubes: 211 x 4 – 6SN7 X 3 Inputs: 3 line inputs Signal input: 400 mV for max power Outputs: 38 W / Channel Bias: Manual bias with precision potentiometer and high quality milliammeter Volume: Stereo volume control with high quality potentiometer Connectors: Input connectors high

Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Features Matched tubes: KT170 x 4 – 6SN7 x 3. Inputs: 3 line inputs. (two unbalanced – One balanced). Vu meter, nixie input indicator. Volume remote control included. Bias: Automatic Signal input: 400 mV for max power. Outputs: 45 W / Channel in A class. Outputs impedance: 4 – 8 ohm (other impedance available