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LAGATO Phono Stage (MC – MM + Line)   –   Coming Soon! Our reference and best phono design! Those who do not know us… we aren’t just expert of tubes in the HIFI application. We were solid state circuitry designer / electronic engineers for on electronics ( from car stereo, radio station/studio equipment, vessels communications engineering, to

HOMAGE-30 MC Phono Stage(Debut soon) Solid state design – although we are the tube experts, but there are more advantages with solid state than tubes for the most quiet operation in this case, and few tubes qualify to the level we wish to shoot for. External power supply, with Canadian power transformer with world wide voltage.

Rondo Phono Stage (Debut soon) 12Ax7 tube based phono stage, tube rectification and power supplies. Complete Canadian transformers and chassis. Quiet, Vivid and Colorful, Realistic! For those who wants tube, than our solid state phono stage on our pre-amplifiers!