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6V6 Reference Integrated Amplifier Debut 2020 The FFX upgrades further with the following : Upgraded to HASHIMOTO (Sansui) Transformers Upgraded to MUNDORF’s EVO SUPREME SILVER GOLD Coupling Caps Upgraded to MUNDORF’s M-Lytic® HV MLGO450 ECAP – “Engineered especially for Tube amplifier applications” FFX Enhancements : FFX = Limited Edition Model / Developed complete with full

Reference Integrated Amplifier (2020+) The new 2A3 Integrated amplifier: The 2A3 EVO Ten years after the revolution in integrated amp design that was the original 2A3-i, and also ten years of R&D on that original design, we can safely call this the end game for this integrated amp. We’re proud to say that this is

And if you want more power around with 2A3 tubes, we also have the 8 Watts 2A3 PSDM (Parallel Stereo Dual Mono) version for our 2A3 connoisseurs. And 4 Watts for the 45 PSDM. DUO Feedback Technology , exclusive and debut on this 2A3 Parallel SE Design. Double the bandwidth, higher efficiency and stability, lower

New for 2017+ F-7189-II (MK2) Integrated Tube Amplifier (20W+20W) F-7189 has always been a Limited Edition model for the tube connoisseurs and purist who likes the EL84/7189/6BQ5 tubes so much and wanted more power. In previous generation, the predecessor – “F-7189a” (the designation “a”, meant it must uses the 7189 version A tube), it was designed for the

Ενισχυτής Stereo 300B Βαθμολογία Αναφορά Single ended Τριόδου (Direct Θερμαινόμενη) 8 Watts + καθαρή τάξη Α Πλήρης στολή του Φινάλε Καναδά Μετασχηματιστές (4 τμχ) Εκκίνηση 2016 Mundorf Γερμανία ΜΟΑΡ Ανώτατο Σύζευξη Καπέλα (Προεπιλογή) CMC usa RCA είσοδοι Άλπεις της Ιαπωνίας Volume Pot Furutech Χρυσό IEC JJ Tesla Υπερμεγέθη Τροφοδοσία E-ΚΓΠ πριμοδότηση διακόπτη επιλογής μέταλλο φινάλε

FFX Edition Κορυφή Της γραμμής 8 Watts-11W (Max) καθαρή τάξη Α (Εξαρτάται από την επιλογή των μετασχηματιστών εξόδου) FFX Limited Edition POWER AMP  / Αναπτύχθηκε πλήρης, με πλήρη στολή των εξωτικών μετασχηματιστών Hashimoto ή Τριόδου Lab 300Β μετασχηματιστής ισχύος (Made in Καναδά με τα καλύτερα για συγκεκριμένες χρήσεις 300Β) FFX Silent Ισόγειο Τεχνολογία  – Thru

F-3008S – with further customization to have a unique piece-of art deco hifi equipment in your home. Upgrades also guaranteed to include: Custom automotive paint job (Colour coded), of course, basic colours are part of your choice. Triode Lab Model .38 Output Transformers (Custom in house design transformer to excel the 300B tube) Mundorf Germany’s

A closed architecture design compact integrated amp that features the 6V6 Output Tube, running Class A auto-bias with over 4.5W per channel is MUCH more powerful and useful than you think… It will replace the F-108, with even bigger sound-stage & meat, lower and greater bass and bottom, even more tubey and dreamy. Moreover, this