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6V6 Reference Integrated Amplifier Debut 2020 The FFX upgrades further with the following : Upgraded to HASHIMOTO (Sansui) Transformers Upgraded to MUNDORF’s EVO SUPREME SILVER GOLD Coupling Caps Upgraded to MUNDORF’s M-Lytic® HV MLGO450 ECAP – “Engineered especially for Tube amplifier applications” FFX Enhancements : FFX = Limited Edition Model / Developed complete with full

Reference Integrated Amplifier (2020+) The new 2A3 Integrated amplifier: The 2A3 EVO Ten years after the revolution in integrated amp design that was the original 2A3-i, and also ten years of R&D on that original design, we can safely call this the end game for this integrated amp. We’re proud to say that this is

The new EL84 flagship amplifiers, to celebrate our 10th year debut the original EL84TT! Debut 2019 Available to configure in deep Class A Push Pull Triode 12W, or Class A Push Pull Ultra Linear 26W *Power figures are BEFORE distortion happens, and the nominal/max power numbers are higher. Conservative rated. Standard Part List : HASHIMOTO

Model: 2A3GT-S (MK2)     Power: 14W+14W Class A/B Standard Features of the NEW MK2 2A3GT-S ·         New for 2017 – Hammonds Canada classic transformers with stellar measurements and state-of-the-art sound will be used. ·         Other industry-leading parts, including: Furutech gold IEC hardware, CMC-USA RCA jacks and binding posts, Mundorf coupling capacitors…etc. –      

Parallel 2A3 per Channel – 8W minimum (It drives close to a 211, which really makes 9-10W in SE) Hashimoto x Triode Lab 30W Flagship Output Transformers (Design by Triode Lab / Engineered by Hashimoto) Full suit of Hashimoto transformers (Starting 2017) Dual Hashimoto Choke transformers – One supply the operation and one supply the

FFX – the top-of-the-line 2A3S, some considered it as the best compact stereo 2A3 SET amp available on the market, also our bestseller. It will continue to be sold and built, carried over from the MK2 design – it is perfect (tone, performance, and measurements) and we do not wish to make any possible change

And if you want more power around with 2A3 tubes, we also have the 8 Watts 2A3 PSDM (Parallel Stereo Dual Mono) version for our 2A3 connoisseurs. And 4 Watts for the 45 PSDM. DUO Feedback Technology , exclusive and debut on this 2A3 Parallel SE Design. Double the bandwidth, higher efficiency and stability, lower

EX Series P-7 “The reason why—in a far more populous audiophile world—Kinki Studio’s EX-P7 would be a disruptor is that it embodies a very modern Nagra-esque aesthetic at somewhat lower potency for a fraction of the Swiss sticker which only sacrifices extreme magnification power in trade.” Srajan Ebaen – 6moons The EX Series is tuned to

“Though the Kinki unmistakably belonged to our generic Swiss school, it included that other Swiss, subtle yet distinctive, Nagra aroma. It derives from their signature obsession with tubes even though in much of their recent gear, they don’t use valves to get there. Without impact on the noise floor to maintain superb magnification powers, it injects a whiff of

The M-6 pre-amp is the twins to the Maestro, Six indicates it uses the very popular 6922 instead. It features two 6922 (One each per channel), and the same but enhanced excellent tube power supply and phono stage (100X) design from the PRELUDE/Maestro/Triode Lab’s Au Pres. This model is made to the popular request, as many audiophiles liked the good sound, authority